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How to Manage Your Shipping Online Effectively

Effective online shipping management is the backbone of your e-commerce success. As an entrepreneur, ensuring that your online customers receive their purchases at the right time and in the right conditions is crucial. The practice enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. In turn, it results in continued sales and revenue growth. The opposite is also a reality. Poor shipping management hurts your customer relationship and sets off your business on a downward trend.

When you are first-timer in the virtual market, offering seamless order fulfilment can be a hard tackle. This is because of the apparent reason – you have no relationship with carrier service providers.  If you are facing shipping management challenges, this article is for you. Here is how to manage your shipping online effectively:

Offer on time shipping

The secret of keeping customers streaming on your online store is making them happy. This does not mean putting cartoon videos or images on your online store. Timely shipping is the source of customers smiles in the online arena. If you state you will deliver the customers order within the scope of two days, it should not turn to three. Also, if you claim to offer one-day delivery, ensure this principle is applicable.

This way, your mutual relationship will remain intact. Irritating your customers will lead to losing sales. Mainly, in the digital era, failing to fulfil your promise to the customer can be the source of your business downfall. An irritated customer will take their anger on your social pages which will discourage a new client from purchasing your offers.

Determine your shipping costs

Whether you charge shipping costs or not, the fact is: to deliver the product to your customers, you must incur some expenses. In this essence, you must use your senses and ensure your shipping costs do not take the whole profit loaf aware. In fact, you should ensure that the amount you spend is included in the product prices.

Also, you must manage your shipping costs through selecting affordable carriers. For instance, if you can ship an order by road for a cheaper charge, you should not go for the air option unless it is an urgent case. Always remember businesses goal is cost minimization.

Have a shipping solution with the ability to offer real-time carrier rates

Rate comparison is not a bad idea. For you to manage to ship online effectively, ensure you integrate your online store with a shipping solution that allows you to access real-time carrier rates. This way, it will be easier to go for the most affordable option and save on shipping expenses.


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